Lunate dislocation

Pain in wrist following fall from bike.

09e248b28ade1fd3be14b91ad74250_jumbo (1)

Malalignment of the lunate bone (piece of pie sign) suggesting lunate being tilted volarly.
Radial styloid fracture.

Lunate being tilted volarly.

Diagnosis: Lunate dislocation

Lunate dislocation:

  • Stage 4 of perilunate injury.
  • Mechanism: forced dorsiflexion of the hand, resulting in injured ligaments (especially dorsal radiolunate¬†ligament).
  • Can become an orthopedic emergency as the volarly tilted lunate can compress the nerves and arteries running through the palmar surface.
  • Need urgent reduction and surgical repair of the torn ligament.


Lunate dislocation,


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