AHA 2015 Update for CPR and ECC: Opioid overdose and Cardiac arrest in pregnancy

Opioid overdose

  • Give naloxone as soon as possible, but do not neglect standard resuscitative measures.
  • Cardiac arrest in opioid overdose could be due to true cardiac arrest OR severe respiratory depression with weak pulse

Cardiac arrest in pregnancy

  • High quality CPR + aorto-caval compression relief
    – Manual left uterine displacement to relieve aorto-caval compression.
    – Due to incompatibility to high quality CPR, left lateral tilt to relieve compression has been removed from guideline.
    – Previously left lateral tilt is used if manual left uterine displacement fails (2010 guideline).
  • If there is no ROSC after 4 minutes, PMCD (perimortem cesarean delivery) should be considered. PMCD provides the chance to resuscitate the fetus and to relieve aorto-caval compression separately.


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