Levamisole induced vasculopathy


  • Initially marketed as antihelminthixc drug and immunomodulator. Was used to treat cancers, and different autoimmune diseases.
  • Was withdrawn from market in 1999 due to side effects (agranulocytosis and vasculitis).

Levamisole as an adulterant in cocaine

  • Metabolite of levamisole can inhibit NE reuptake, therefore prolonging cocaine effect.

Levamisole induced vasculopathy

  • Pathognomonic lesion is purpura bilaterally at the ears (helices), but can spread to facial areas (eg cheeks) or involve upper/lower extremities.
    – Not many involve ears. Possibly because ears have lower temperature that immune deposits may settle there.
  • Have a latency period for up to 5 years
  • As levamisole can lead to agaranulocytosis, a CBC screen can also help in diagnosis.


  • Basically clinical
  • Interesting auto-antibodies: ANCA antibodies can be found in levamisole-induced vasculopathy
    – pANCA can be found in 100% of the patients, cANCA in 50% of the patients.
    – mean latency of 24 months for development of these antibodies
  • The histopathologic findings of cocaine-levamisole cutaneous vasculopathy syndrome range from leukocytoclastic and thrombotic vasculitis to vascular occlusive disease without true vasculitis


  • Treatment with topical steroids is controversial.
  • The most important is DISCONTINUATION of cocaine. The lesion will resolve in weeks.
  • In severe cases, may need abx cover for suspected superinfection (before the culture results come back)
    – Debridement with skin grafting maybe needed in more extensive lesions.


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