Blood age in MRI and CT


Causes of hemorrhage can be

  1. Hypertensive ICB
  2. Lobar hemorrhage
  3. AVM
  4. Traumatic ICB
  5. Hemorrhagic neoplasm


Unenhanced MRI is done. What does it show?

Hyperintense rim with an isointense center:

  • This is not a ring enhancing lesion because ring enhancing lesion is ONLY applied when contrast is given.
  • Patient has hematoma with different blood ages in the lesion (hyperintense = subacute, isointense = acute blood).
    – In CT, the mass is hyperdense so the predominant blood age is acute
    – This is acute hypertensive ICB.

Blood age in CT

Blood age in MRI

Learning point: Know the appearane of different blood age in MRi and CT.



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