Tumoral Calcinosis

  • Tumoral calcinosis is a condition characterized by the development of painless, periarticular masses.
  • The term should be strictly used to refer to a disease caused by a hereditary metabolic dysfunction of phosphate regulation
  • Can be idiopathic or develop in association with a spectrum of conditions, including chronic renal failure, hyperparathyroidism, and collagen vascular disorders
  • Pathophysiology is related to dystrophic calcification of periarticular soft tissues: calcium hydroxyapatite crystal deposition with infiltration of surrounding tissue by giant cells and histiocytes
  • Typical locations: large joint, spine is uncommon
  • Most common presentation: painless joint enlargement.
    In spine; back pain can occur; enlarging calcinosis can cause nerve compression and radiculopathy.
  • Main radiographic features:
    – Appears as a calcified mass surrounding a joint.. Can cause adjacent osseous remodeling, but should not demonstrate destructive changes.
    – MRI: hypointense lobulated lesions in T1 and T2
    Untitled2 Untitled3
  • Treatment: usually conservative with pain management and low calcium,low phosphate diet
    – Surgery can be done if neurologic dysfunction, but tends to recur (since the underlying mechanism is not addressed).

Reference: auntminnie.com


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