Hemangioma of spine

  • Benign
  • Most often located in lower thoracic, upper lumbar spine
    – Skull is second most common location (spoke-wheel appearance)
  • Mostly asymptomatic
  • More frequent in middle aged females
  • Multiple in up to 1/3 of cases
  • Radiograph:
    – Conventional radiography:  prominent trabecular pattern from resorption of trabeculae by enlarged vascular channels produces vertical striations
    – CT: Corduroy (aka accordion, honeycomb, polka-dot) spine from coarse trabeculae seen in cross section

  • Tx: Observation
    – Treatment is instituted only if they are symptomatic and may include:
    Vascular embolization, surgical excision. vertebroplasty. ethanol injection

Reference: http://www.learningradiology.com/notes/bonenotes/hemangiomacorrect.html


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