Dural AV Fistula

From radiopaedia.org

DAVF (Dural AV Fistula)

  • Vascular malformation  from pathologic shunts between dural arteries and dural venous sinuses, meningeal veins, and/or cortical veins
  • Etiology:
    – Idiopathic
    – Acquired: previous surgery, trauma, or venous sinus thrombosis
  • Pathogenesis: Increased venous flow leads to venous congestion and hypertension, resultant edema, venous ectasia, and (most catastrophically) intracranial hemorrhage
  • May present with a range of symptoms depending on location of lesion (i.e., pulsatile tinnitus, ophthalmoplegia). Symptoms of ICB can also present.

Tortuous cortical vein in DAVF (tortuous vessels running along cortex)


  • Treatment
    –  Conservative approach with serial imaging for low-grade fistulas (no cortical venous drainage).- Endovascular embolization is the preferred therapy for lesions requiring treatment

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